About Us
About Us

Atmosfer Technology Transfer Office (TTO) serves as the interface between academia and industry in order to commercialize the intellectual capital and new technologies obtained through academic studies. In 2013, Atmosfer TTO was founded in Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) within Technopark İzmir in the scope of TUBITAK 1513 TTO Support Program.

Our TTO Team can work with you to accomplish the following purposes:

- To provide consultancy services related to national support programs (TEYDEB of TUBITAK, KOSGEB, İZKA etc.) and international support programmes (Horizon 2020, EUREKA, COST, etc.), provide announcements and offer trainings and workshops related to these projects to academicians and industry members,

- To strengthen the relationships with the activities such as representation and informing activities of University and Industry Unions, symposiums, company visits and invitations for companies, to take active role in the possible cooperation and programming and execution of R&D projects,

- To provide consultancy to academicians and researchers about to obtain and manage Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of intellectual capital, and support execution of these contracts,

- To offer entrepreneurship training about technology and R&D-oriented advances, to identify the nominees for start-up, provide offices to new entrepreneurs and academicians within incubation center service, and provide consultancy advice for incorporation and businesses.

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